St. Paul's    
Anglican Church

The Rev. Stephen E. Stults (blog)

The Rev. Br. Joseph Bernard

Rector Emeritus:
The Rev. Dr. J. Clayton Shadeck

11456 Space Center Blvd.
Houston, Texas  77059
Telephone: (281)479-7285
(NASA/Clear Lake Area)
Join us on this traditional path to worship
Sunday Worship Service (Holy Communion): 10 A.M.


21st Sunday after Trinity - 23 October, 2016
Holy Communion - 10:00 AM.
Evening Prayer - Wednesday
@7:00 p.m.

Confessions heard @ 11:00 first Saturday of each month, or by appointment

Selected Sermons by Fr. Stephen and Fr. Clay at "Select Sermons" Tab
Fr. Stephen's complete list of sermons are found at his blog: "Right for Christ"

(Nursery and Sunday School for Children are available during worship services.)

A parish in the Diocese of
Mid-America (DMA) of the
Reformed Episcopal Church

Affiliated with the
Anglican Church in North America
(Yahoo Map above)
1928 Book of Common Prayer

1940 Hymnal