Epiphany Season 2018
St. Paul's Anglican Church
St. Paul's Little Treasures
Fr. Stephen Stults & Dcn. Br. Joseph Bernard,
(Our clergy team) lead the prayers of the congregation as
we celebrate our common sacramental life together.
(Common Prayer at St. Paul's continues to heal, build, and grow.)
Final Blessing from Fr. Stephen
Epiphany Season celebrates the showing forth of the young
Jesus to the non-Jewish world (Gentiles).This is symbolized by
the Three Wise Men coming from afar to offer Him worship and
gifts. Epiphany is
a short, but important season that pre-figures
Jesus as the Worlds's Savior

Come experience the fullness of the sacramental life at St.
What is the Epiphany Season at St.
Deacon Joseph receives a blessing before the Gospel Reading
A beautiful evening service.