What is St. Paul's Anglican Church?
St. Paul's Anglican Church belongs to the Diocese of Mid-America (DMA) of the
Reformed Episcopal Church (REC)
The REC is a Supporting Jurisdiction of the Anglican Church of North America
Anglican means "of England".

An Anglican Church relates to the Christian Church in England since the sixteenth  
century.  Services at  
St. Paul's Anglican Church include ceremony found in the  great  
cathedrals  of  England. It is Historic, Liturgical and Sacramental.

St. Paul's Anglican Church believes in the orthodox Faith "once delivered unto the
saints." [Jude 3]  Our  theology,  faith,  morals, and  practices are based upon  Holy  
Scriptures  interpreted  by  2000  years  of  Church
tradition, as summarized in the
 -- "Join us on this traditional path to worship."

"How it All Fits Together"
The current Archbishop of the ACNA (Anglican Church of North America)
is The Most Rev. Dr. Foley Beach.

“Our responsibility is to be faithful and diligent in preaching the Word; it
is up to the Holy Spirit’s timing for that Word to bear fruit.  Some of us will
preach the word with sermons.  Some of us will do this with service.
Some of us will do this with sacrifice.”

Archbishop Foley Beach (ACNA)
In November 2016, Rt. Rev. Ray R.Sutton Ph.D.succeeded to the
position of Presiding Bishop of the
REC (Reformed Episcopal
), as well as serving as the Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese
of Mid-America.  Following the recent Triennial Convention, where
his succession was confirmed, Bp.Sutton noted: "Please know that
I am humbled by the honor of serving the Reformed Episcopal
Church as Ordinary of the Diocese of Mid America and the
Presiding Bishop. I simply could not do the work for which you
have elected me without your prayers and unified encouragement."

The Most Rev. Ray R. Sutton, Ph.D.
Presiding Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church