Worship at St. Paul's Anglican Church
Ancient, beautiful, and uplifting liturgy

Reverent, pious ritual and ceremony,
conscious of the awe inspired by God

1928 Book of Common Prayer and
1940 Hymnal

Bible-based preaching with strong
application to daily life

Congregational singing; a mixture of
traditional, ancient, and contemporary
We promote traditional faith and morals.

Our personality is that of a warm and
welcoming family.

We have members in all age groups.

We are active in community support.

We have no church politics.
"Join us on this peaceful path to worship"
1.  We are inviting you through this weathered wooden gate to enter
the path to worship, with us.  (Note that the path is well-worn from use
over many years (traditional faith, the 1928 Prayer Book Services, &
the 1940 Hymnal)  It is relatively untouched and unchanged by
machinery, politics, and other worldly conveyances.)

2.  The gate is secured by a simple rope that can be accessed/opened
by any traveler, at any time.

3.  Note that once inside the gate, you are protected by the fences on
either side of the path, much in the same manner that you are
protected along your life's path, by your faith.  (Can't you almost smell
the green field and the blossoms on the tree near the gate?)

4.  Note the large blossoming tree overarching the path and providing
comforting shade for travelers. (This could well be a resting place for
you.  A place to pause and contemplate the remainder of your chosen

5.  The path disappears as it drops off on the other side of the small
ridge.  As in life, have faith and know that the path continues to the
small country church nestled in the valley, welcoming all travelers of all
"Like an English Country Church"
(St. James Church, near to Shere, Surrey)