Worship at St. Paul's Anglican Church
Ancient, beautiful, and uplifting liturgy

Reverent, pious ritual and ceremony,
conscious of the awe inspired by God

1928 Book of Common Prayer and
1940 Hymnal

Bible-based preaching with strong
application to daily life

Congregational singing; a mixture of
traditional, ancient, and contemporary
We promote traditional faith and morals.

Our personality is that of a warm and
welcoming family.

We have members in all age groups.

We are active in community support.

We have no church politics.
Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness
We at St. Paul's Anglican Church invite you to worship the Lord in the
Beauty of Holiness (I Chron. 16:29).

We as people of faith want to glorify Him who made all things.

We desire a closer relationship with God in Jesus Christ through
worship in the sacramental way.

We know the Holy Spirit moves through the liturgy and worship of the
Church, impacting our individual lives and our relationships.

We invite you to experience the sacramental life and a personal
relationship with God, the Holy Trinity .

Come share the fullness of the Christian Life with us!